I can’t allow those memories

Estos son los primeros fragmentos de una canción que a la mejor termino algún día. ¡Disfrutenla!.
These are the first fragment’s from a song that i hope to finish some day…. ¡Enjoy it!

La canción se llama:
The song its called:

“I can’t allow those memorie’s.”

I can’t let my mind to allow those memorie’s
Now tune up them all, and take my dream’s
But still music kept’s untying me from the world that hurt my hearth
remove the clouds from my mind, and let my soul be free.

Those long day’s passed back from distance,
Those chain’s won’t let me to get away,
by a weak and extinguished whisper,
those sound won’t let me to disapear

Many ways i’ve had to taken
with my mind longing last to get away
Many ways i’ve had to try
to force my mind dilute those chain’s

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